New R4 SDHC 2.10T Flash Card Released for Nintendo DS and DS Lite, Replaces Original R4 SDHC

Published: 25th May 2010
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The world's most popular Nintendo DS and DS Lite card, the R4 SDHC, is getting a brand new facelift, courtesy of the R4 team. Initially available alongside the former version, the brand new 'v2.10T' version of the R4SDHC is now the R4 team's flagship product. Most retailers will continue to support the old 'black box' version of the R4 SDHC that people have been used to seeing, but will be gradually phased out to allow for the new, gold packaging to celebrate the new leap in firmware.

The official name of the new and improved product is the R4 SDHC v2.10T but also may be known to some as the "Happy Box" packaging as it's designed to be used with the R4 SDHC team's DS Card management client software, DS Happy Box, which is currently in beta testing.

There are similarities between the new packaging of the R4SDHC and the somewhat infamous R4i Gold card (a clone of the popular R4i SDHC - be warned as the R4i Gold is a fake card). Despite how it may look, this is NOT the R4i Gold, and it is not a fake. It is another product from the same manufacturer as the world's most popular R4 since the original retired in 2008.

As you can see it has a textured gold surface, the box is immediately eye-catching. It differs from the R4i Gold which, although of the same color is a completely different card from a different manufacturer, who has since slowed down in releasing firmware updates as support for the card becomes increasingly sparse. To ensure good support for your R4SDHC card, it is highly recommended you buy only genuine, authentic cards from reputable stores.

The box and the card itself are clearly labelled with the website, which is the same website as before where the R4 SDHC black box design originated from.

Once you have the card booted up you'll notice that the menu software is lifted directly from the original / genuine R4i SDHC (red box). The current version is visible in the bottom left hand corner on both gui's. The latest R4 v2.10T software at the time of writing is v2.10T03, and the version shown for the R4i SDHC is v1.19b.

The DS gaming and homebrew community is very excited about this new product, as it will feature all the functionality of the R4 SDHC black, but with added game compatibility, and a large increase in loading speed.

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